BioNat-V: Call for the abstracts opened

Abstract instructions



      The Abstract submitted to BioNat-IV should meet the following criteria:

        ·     Please note that no one author may submit and present more than two abstracts.

·   The title of the presentation and the list of authors that you submit are final, and may not be changed.

·  The abstract that you submit will be considered to be your final abstract that will be printed in the abstract book.

·  The Authors names should First Name, Middle Name initials thenLast Name (Example: Ashraf A. Khalil). 

·   The submitting author will automatically considered is the presenting author, who should be listed first.

·  The abstract title must not longer than 25 words. The abstract should not exceed 250 words, including any essential references.

·     Title and author’s name(s), should be in bold, Times new roman, font size 12 pt.

·     Include the completeaffiliation address (Italics) for every author and corresponding author’s email.

·     Abstract itself text should be in Times new roman font size 12 pt, single line spacing.

·     The abstract format should include 4 keywords at least.

·     For sample template, please Click Here.


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Important Note:

Please be noted that your absence to attending the event due to any reason is not responsibility of conference therefore you did not have the right to claim the registration fees

As long as, you are willing to join us, please mark BioNat-IV 2015 in your calendar