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How to get there



Arriving In Sharm el-Sheikh 


Sharm el-Sheikh is a port and resort town in Egypt. Tourists on flights to Sharm el-Sheikh will land at Sharm el-Sheikh Airport, the largest airport in the Sinai Peninsula in which Sharm el-Sheikh is based. The airport is home to a range of cafes and shops. Taxis are available at the airport. The tourist taxis are more luxurious than regular taxis and tourist taxi drivers are also better able to provide information to international tourists on Sharm el-Sheikh flights. Public minibuses run between the city and the airport on a regular basis. The journey is only 20 minutes; however, the minibuses will only depart when they have reached full capacity.


Sharm El Sheikh International Airport taxi



Both regular taxis and tourist taxis are available at the airport. The fare to Naama Bay by regular taxi is approximately EGP 50, though you must agree with the driver before commencing your trip.

Tourist taxis, which are more luxurious and driven by operators who are trained in English and in providing information to international visitors, run at correspondingly higher fares.



Public transportation to and from Sharm El Sheikh International Airport

Public minibuses travel regularly between the city and the airport. The journey takes approximately 20 minutes and the minibuses depart when full.

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