Biorisk and Biosaftey Management Workshop

ورشة عمل: إدارة المخاطر البيولوجية

Two-day Online Workshop

Laboratories are mostly self-monitoring and will never be risk free. Indeed, there is no one simple and easy to follow source for all the information needed to build a culture of biosafety which considered one part of the systemic approach to quality inside laboratories of different disciplines. The focus of the workshop will be biorisk in biological laboratories, different professional development courses will address topics including introduction to biosafety, biorisk management system, waste management, laboratory risk assessment

Featured Presentations:

  • The blending of biosafety and the primary control measures
  • Biological risk levels (evaluation and characterization)
  • Scenario of risk assessment inside laboratories. (group exercise)
  • Mitigation strategies for biorisk including biosafety practices, equipment and PPE.
  • Biological Waste management and disinfection
  • Transportation of infectious substances