Biosafety & Biosecurity

The 2nd BioNat Diploma on Biosafety & Biosecurity Management

February – March 2021

Introduction: Laboratories are mostly self-monitoring and will never be risk free. Indeed, there is no one simple and easy to follow source for all the information needed to build a culture of biosafety which considered one part of the systemic approach to quality inside laboratories of different disciplines. The focus of this diploma will be biorisk in biological laboratories, different professional development courses will address topics including introduction to biosafety, biorisk management system, waste management, laboratory risk assessment.
Each topic will cover the essential elements of information, at a level appropriate for someone preparing to take the Biological Safety Specialist exam. These topics are presented in an interactive discussion which involves PowerPoint lectures, a pre- and post-assessment as well as practice exam-style test. Each topic will take approximately one (1) to two (2) hours to complete, including the pre- and post-assessment and evaluation.

Basic Level:

  1. Terminology and concepts
  2. Developing and measuring biosafety safety culture
  3. Prevention & Control of Communicable Diseases
  4. One Health: Concepts & Approaches
  5. Bio-containment laboratory Facility design
  6. Biological Safety Cabinets: Introduction & Basics
  7. Biological Safety Cabinets: Classes & Type.
  8. Risk assessment checklist model
  9. Good Laboratory Practice

Middle Level:

  1. Biological Risk Levels: Assessment & Mitigation and performance Strategies
  2. Creation of standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  3. Biosafety practices, equipment & PPE (Demo)
  4. Integration of biosafety and biosecurity
  5. Laboratory/occupational illness, treatment and reporting issues
  6. Medical Surveillance and emergency response
  7. Biological waste management & disinfection
  8. Dual use research of concern (DURC).

Advanced Level :

  1. Biosecurity system components   A) Component part I          B) Component part II
  2. Biosecurity threat and vulnerability assessment
  3. Bio-terrrosim
  4. Chemical safety and security
  5. Lab animal facility
  6. Biomedical waste disposal

Specialist Level :

Individual Project
Group Case Study
Final Exam
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