Ibrahim F Farag

Ibrahim Farag

College of Earth, Ocean University of Delaware, USA

Talk title
“System level understanding of microbial metabolic and ecological functions in anaerobic ecosystems”
Dr. Farag has a Ph.D. in microbiology and molecular genetics from Oklahoma State University and had multiple postdoctoral research positions at renowned institutions such as UC Berkeley and the University of Delaware. Currently, he works as a Microbiome Data Scientist at Native Microbials and Research Scientist at university of Delaware, USA.
Dr. Farag has extensive expertise in investigating the ecophysiological roles of different microbial members inhabiting diverse anaerobic ecosystems (including rumen, groundwater, marine and freshwater sediments), and modeling their metabolic potentials as well as their adaptation mechanisms using different omics-based approaches. His past work focused on designing bioinformatics pipelines to predict the metabolic capacities of individual bacteria and archaea and the function of total microbial communities in anaerobic groundwater, deep subsurface sediments and rumen ecosystems.