Mohamed Elhadidy


Center for Genomics Zewail City of Science & Technology, Egypt

Prof. Mohamed Elhadidy
Acting Director of Center for Genomics
Vice Director of Teaching Effectiveness Office
Zewail City of Science and Technology,
Talk Title
“Microbial genomics as a catalyst for surveillance and combatting antimicrobial resistance”
Dr. Mohamed Elhadidy is currently a professor of Biomedical Sciences, an acting director of Center for Genomics (CG)  and vice director of Teaching Effectiveness Office (TEO) at Zewail City of science and technology, Egypt. Dr. Elhadidy holds a DVM degree from Mansoura University in Egypt. He obtained his master’s degree in 2006 in Microbiology from Mansoura University and obtained his PhD (2010) in Microbiology from Virginia Tech University, USA. From 2011-2017, Dr. Elhadidy served as a research scientist at School of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Canada; University of Bristol, UK; and University of Gent and Scientific Institute of Public health in Belgium. In 2018, he also served as a visiting professor at University of Bath, UK.
Dr. Elhadidy research program aims to develop a better understanding of the pathogenesis, ecology, evolutional dynamics, and transmission of bacterial foodborne and zoonotic diseases through the implementation of different population genetics and comparative genomic studies of these bacterial pathogens. His most recent research activities implemented high throughput sequencing technologies and genomic epidemiology tools to gain crucial insights into genetic determinants that play a role in virulence potential, antimicrobial resistance and transmission of different zoonotic bacterial pathogens to human including food-borne pathogens.