Why Join?

EMALS members have access to a variety of member activities and benefits. Learn more below, for more member benefits and resources, email us at info@bionats.org.

The Purpose of the EMALS Association is to:

• Provide scientific, educational, academic, social, cultural, and tourism counseling services for individuals, governmental institutions, executive, and Popular agencies.

• Contribute to the development of social consciousness and dissemination of scientific culture at the local and international levels.

• Cooperation and exchange of scientific, educational, and cultural expertise with the educational, research, and industrial institutions.

• Support the development of life science research and all applications in the field of agriculture, health, and pharmacy.

• Foundation and management of institutions and educational institutions with the aim of granting scientific degrees after the approval of the competent authorities.

• The organization of scientific conferences, seminars, training courses in addition to local and international workshops.

• Issuance of scientific, research, and cultural periodicals and publishing of newspapers, publications, and newsletters.

• Organizing local and international scientific research and technological exhibitions and markets.

• Create self-funded small projects for the development of considerable resources for the association.

• Organize and facilitate scientific cultural and recreational trips locally and internationally in addition to Hajj and Umrah.

• Facilitate various services to students at all academic levels and to provide financial and in-kind subsidies.

• Providing professional, scientific, social, cultural, educational, and healthcare for members of the association.

• Establish and maintain a professional network among international scientific institutional leaders.

• Cooperate in appropriate ways with other national and international groups having similar interests.


Please click here to download a doc file contains Membership-FAQs

Cost-effective Benefits:

EMALS Association members in their second year of membership will be granted reductions in the following activities:

1. Workshops in scientific writing and project management.

2. Fast publication of articles in special issues of BioNat with reduced fees for processing, editing, and formatting.

3. Participating in conferences, training courses, workshops, and seminars with reduced fees that reach 25%.

4. Providing competitive to distinguished postgraduate full grants students.

Seeking Solution to Common Problems:

EMALS gives members opportunities to join forces, exchange ideas, share institutional strategies, and provide an effective voice on matters of public policy. Avenues for addressing common problems and mutual interests include:

• Opportunities for dialogue with colleagues.

• A unified voice on specific international legislative issues.

• New approaches to international scientific research on campus.

• An informed perspective on the development of policy on international scientific research.

• Workshops on topics of interest to members.

• Professional meetings.

• A scholarly journal.

• A membership directory.

• Consultant referrals.

• Other timely publications (print and electronic).