BioNat-V: Call for the abstracts opened

BioNat-IV themes



In line with previous events, the BioNat-IV 2015 will highlight the recent finding and visions about Plant, Microbial and Marine Nature Products with special theme of Drug Discovery:


1.     Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery

2.     Anti-Infectives

3.     Cardiovascular Drug Discovery

4.     CNS Drug Discovery

5.     Diabetes and Obesity Drug Discovery 

6.     Drug Delivery, Target Identification and Validation

7.     Chemistry of Natural Products

a.     Structure Elucidation and Nanoformulations.

b.     Pharmacology, Toxicology & Biological Actions.

c.       Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics.

d.     Proteins and Proteomics.

8.     Legislations, Regulations, Risk Assessment and Standardizations

9.     Computational Approaches and Bioinformatics


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