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Membership Categories



Membership Categories

There are five main categories of membership. All categories receive full benefits including voting privileges and the right to be nominated for leadership positions within the organization:


organizational / institutional membership:

Companies, institutions, government agencies, or other types of private and public entities may request an invoice to cover any number of individual memberships under the umbrella of their organization. Payment for individual membership(s) under this plan does not brand the organization as a member of the Society. Go to Application.

Important Note:  Institutional membership, while held by an individual, is tied to that institution and is not transferable. Institutional membership entitles an institution to have an unlimited number of individual memberships; however each person must join EMALS separately.


affiliated individual membership:

Affiliate Membership is open to other individuals at colleges and universities, which hold a current institutional membership or organizational membership in EMALS. If your institution/organization is not currently a member of EMALS, please speak to your senior international officer. Retired EMALS members may also apply at the individual membership rate (under the "Retiree" category). Go to Application.

Important Note: Our individual members include people from varied backgrounds and interests including: academics, practitioners, educators, researchers and consumers. We have not listed their names on this site out of respect for their privacy. 


unaffiliated individual membership:

This is a new membership category open to individuals not affiliated with institutions or organizations but who are active in the international scientific research field and wish to be involved in the work of EMALS. Go to Application.


student affiliate membership:

Any person who is enrolled as a full-time undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate student at an accredited college or university shall be eligible to become a Student Affiliate of the Society. Student Affiliate membership requires an endorser: a faculty member from the student’s institution. Go to Application.


Retired Emeritus membership:

Professionals who have retired from full-time employment in government, industry, or academia, with at least 25 years of continuous EMALS membership and age 70 or older. Retired members receive access to all EMALS member benefits and possess full voting rights according to the Association bylaws.

Retired emeritus members are awarded complimentary lifetime member status and maintain their voting rights; additionally, the retired emeritus member will be offered a complimentary registration for one conference/meeting per year.

Contact EMALS Member Services for more information and instructions to apply. EMALS Member Services is available at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

EMALS Membership Categories and Fees:


Membership Categories

Annual Fees



Organizational /Institutional Membership 



For Profit Organizations:

$ 300

EGP 1000

For Non Profit Organizations:

$ 150

EGP 500

Affiliated Individual Membership

$ 75

EGP 150

Unaffiliated Individual Membership

$ 100

EGP 200

Student Affiliate Member

$ 50

EGP 100

Retired Emeritus Member

$ 75

EGP 150

Honorary Member




As long as, you are willing to join us, please mark BioNat-IV 2015 in your calendar